Terra (unmei_no_yume) wrote in iotaphi,

Happy Birthday IotaPhi LJcomm!

Welp, it's that time again! It's LJcomm's anniversary/bday and MY Bday too!!! Woo! Exciting, eh? That said, there should be a dinner this Saturday to celebrate it since I may be in Davis.... Problem is even if I'm in Davis I'm not sure I could make it because I might be busy and such, along with some other issues. But anyway I just wanted to say hi. You guys should all go and celebrate in your own ways tonight because LJ Comm is a beautiful thing =P

Is anyone on here that's after Shroeder? I don't even know anymore - so out of the loop! But if there are some of you who don't know the story of LJ comm, well let's just say it was a great blend of genius on one fateful May 3rd evening a few years ago. Makes me so proud to remember that night XD

Ok sorry for the random post - I'm feeling a little quirky. I'm blaming that on being sick >.> But yeah Happy Birthday LJ Comm - I seriously MISS you guys!
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